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Inquire About JOBS ACT For Your Business

Mina Mar Group offers a full range of investor relations services for OTC Markets (QB &QX) & NASDAQ Small cap companies. We offer a full range of services from A to Z including non-traditional start up personal guarantee loans to mezzanine financing, bridge loans, traditional and non-traditional operating lines of credits for businesses with revenues from $300,000 to $ 5 million dollars. We work with some of the best USA accounting and legal firms that specialize in small cap (SC) markets. Of course, financing via the JOBS ACT is our forte and our driving force.! If you are looking to buy a publicly traded company (shell/pubco) please talk to us to receive a free white paper as to why this MAY NOT be a good alternative to capital markets; in view of the economic crisis of 2008-2012. The fall out of the economic crisis has impacted the industry severely. With the new JOBS ACT one can achieve the same goals (go public and access capital markets) for a fraction of the price compared to buying a shell. Please request your copy of the white paper report and feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.