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Take Your Company Public! Access Capital Markets!!. We offer Direct Listings on Most European NASDAQ (Nordic Nasdaq exchanges) and USA OTC Markets Reverse Mergers!

You can leverage on our IPO experience, expertise and track records to assist you on your IPO journey from a private company to a successful public company in Stockholm and Stuttgart.

Turning an enterprise into a publicly traded company through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a significant milestone. Private companies in Stockholm and Stuttgart choose to go public for many reasons such as raising of additional capital, enhancing the status and financial standing of the company, increasing public awareness and public interest in the company and its products.

The Nasdaq Nordic markets and the Nordic Growth Market have outpaced London and the Deutsche Borse in Frankfurt as the most active and lucrative stock exchanges for IPO's in Europe.

Why NGM in Stockholm?


  • Political stability and excellent entrepreneurial business environment
  • European gateway of clusters and business opportunities
  • Opportunity to mirror list with Borse Stuttgart
  • Access to 40-100 thousand savvy private investors
  • Access to European institutional investors
  • Sweden ranks highest among countries with private equity investment and was number 4 in         2011*
  • 40% of IPO companies have done better than the established companies
  • Quick and effective fundraising process with certainty of timing
  • European disclosure and corporate governance standards
  • Fair valuation and great stock market liquidity
  • Sector strengths that are well tracked and understood by investors
  • Globally renowned transparent and responsive regulatory regime that is well regarded by         investors and issuers
  • Less regulatory burden compared to North America
  • No lockup periods for any new share issuance
  • Low listing fees and a transaction revenue sharing model with NGN
  • No financial transaction tax on share purchases

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