Roll-ups and Acquisitions

Roll-ups and Acquisitions

Mina Mar Group has created a roll-up fund and subsequent processes designed for companies that wish to grow via acquisition. If you have a company with an acquisition strategy, please contact us right away so we may begin discussions to determine if you are a fit for our program. If so, Mina Mar Group will take care of all of the costs, including raising capital. Please read the information below for our program highlights:

1. SEC and Other Filings:
Mina Mar Group will handle all necessary document requests and filings including completely developing and submitting all SEC documents such as S-1 registration statements, Edgar forms and filings, FINRA (such as form 211) submissions and more.

2. Legal Compliance:
Mina Mar Group maintains a staff of in -house attorneys and paralegals that ensure the entire process remains compliant with all governmental agencies.

3. Public Shells:
Mina Mar Group has an inventory of legal and verified public shells which are made available to our clients for reverse mergers in order to provide a publicly traded vehicle in order to raise capital.

4. Distribution and Fundraising:
Mina Mar Group works with top investor relations firms who are charged with effectively raising capital for our projects. Mina Mar Group manages these firms through the process to ensure the maximum capital is raised.

5. Institutional Investors:
We have very strong relationships with some of the largest institutional investment funds in the US. We can assist with raising capital for debt or equity.

6. Broker Dealers:
Our team of licensed professionals can provide our clients with a turnkey broker/dealer, registered with FINRA and at least two clearing houses. We can re-structure books of business and assist with financing.

7. Proven Process:
MMG’s partners have successfully raised capital for more than 160 different companies. Our proprietary 32 step plan ensures that our clients invest a minimal amount of time in order to complete the entire IPO process. We enable our clients to remain focused on building their existing business while the IPO process is underway.

What to Expect

1. After initial discussions with the client, Mina Mar Group management will meet to determine if we believe we can succeed with your project. Our decision to take on an existing client will be based on whether or not we believe that our distribution partners and funding partners will capitalize the project. The client will be asked to provide a business plan, executive summary, PowerPoint files, a financial model, and acquisition target information.

2. If we decide to take on the project, you will be issued an agreement which outlines deal points and the process including deliverables and timing to complete the IPO process.

3. Typically the process can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months depending upon the SEC. Mina Mar Group and its staff are experts at ensuring minimal questions come back from the SEC thereby speeding the process. Additionally, since Mina Mar Group has existing public shells, this timeline can be reduced.

4. Fees: All fees for the reverse merger and IPO process are covered by Mina Mar Group ($500,000 to $1.5 million).

5. Company Ownership: Mina Mar Group will maintain a controlling interest in the company that ranges from 51% to 70% of the authorized shares.

6. Mina Mar Group will require a controlling interest of board seats.

7. Mina Mar Group will take standard commissions on any capital raised that ranges from 10% to 20%.

8. Mina Mar Group will place a Chief Financial Officer with the company to ensure fiscal efficacy.

9. The CEO will stay on board to operate the company at market rate salary and compensation.

10. Other management may be asked to stay on and operate the company depending upon their skills and capabilities.

11. Once capital is raised, Mina Mar Group will provide the capital for reasonable acquisitions in order to grow revenues and profit for the company.