Inventory: G000107

Value SOLD
Inventory # G000107
Primary Trading Market OTC Pink
Alternatte/Dual Lisitng Market
Recent Share Price
Exchange Act of 1934 Filer
Date of Incorproation
State of Incorporation
DTC Eligible
Authorized Shares - Common
Par Value - Common
Issued Shares - Common
Outstanding Shares - Common
Public Float
Free Trading
Rule 144 Eligible
No. of Common Stockholders
No. of Classes of Common
No. of Shares of Common Deliver
Authorized Shares - Preferred
Par Value - Preferred
Issued Shares - Preferred
Outstanding Shares - Preferred
No. of Preferred Stockholders
No. of Classes of Preferred
No. of Shares of Preferred Delvier
Outstanding Options/Warrants
Options/Warrants as Exercised
Convertible Debt
No. of Convertible Debt Holders
Conversion Factor
No. of Conversion Shares
No. of Conversion Shares Delivera
Trade Debt
Taxes & Regulatory Fees Owed
Other Fees